_Will there be a mac os version of the plugins?
 I cannot give any  status on eventual osx x86 or arm ports.
I DO clearly know many people are willing mac versions, and I will provide informations on website when/ IF  available or if a port is on the way. 
Note that people that don’t read/understand/respect have a tendency to pi*** me off seriously and the more I will receive messages about osx,  the less likeley i will ever want to do a port.. 

_The plugin doesn’t show in my daw
If for some reason plugin fail to be scanned in daw, try to  install microsoft VC redistrib X64 version on top of this page: –> microsoft vc redist

_I can see vst2 but not Vst3
Some daws (ie studio one) expect Vst3 versions to be placed specifically in:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\  folder.

_How do I register the plugin?
Log into your account and follow provided procedure description.–> user account

_I didn’t received my login infos mail
Please carefully check your spam/junk mail folder as some providers often mark server generated mails as spam. If still no mail, use that contact form whith your purchasing email and we ll sort it out.