My pseudo is fox, im freelance vfx artist as main job,
but passionate about music from a while, was producing psytrance under project name ‘FX23’   from 2013 to 2019.
I was early interested in nodal patching softwares like usine (reaktor/msp like) to build custom tools since nearly 10 years, but realized needed to learn code if wanted to go deeper in DSP as a next step, so slowly started to learn c++ since 2015.
It went way more challenging than i had expected^^, but still very interesting.

This site is mainly about  audio vst, but on this page can find stuff related to FX23 psytrance project.
 I have temp stopped music production and gigs for 2020 to focus on other things,
hope might get back later 😉

If wanna support Bancamp let buy and download wav format