PsyScope Pro is a versatile multi-track synced oscilloscope plugin using fast workflow routing free system that allows easy inspect of different signals and the way they interact together in terms of phase / tuning / sum / peaks ect.. and  also an all in one multi-track Frequency analyser, with spectrum, spectrogram, vectorscope and vu meters.

PsyScope Pro quick tour and tutorial

nice (non sponsored) usecase ex by Baphometrix

_Routing free fast workflow system: 
 just add an instance to new insert point wanna monitor and they will all automatically connect.

_Connect and easy acces of up to 128 instances
_Up to 16x signals can be displayed at the same time.
_Arrange instances in different groups with names and colors.
_Sets allowing quick store/recall  of different sources configurations.
_Multi-track wavforms and Frequencies Oscilloscope.
_Multi-Track Spectrogram.
_Corrolometer / Vectorscope Stereo Analyser.
_Vu meter with peaks/rms.
_True Peaks metering
_EBU-R LUFS  metering
_Hi quality Sinc and Lanczos interpolation mode shows real  analog output curve.
_ISP (inter samples peaks) overview.
_Fast Zoom n scroll to inspect buffers up to sample rez.
_Display layers overlapped, or individuals in just a clic
_Stacked  Layers mode.
_Show Summed result of all wanted activated layers.
_Enable/disable layers, re-order them, rename them.
_Display L,R, mono, mid + side or L+R channels in one or dual views.
_3x skins or fully customizable user skins, with save and load to user file ability.
_Save default user skin that will be loaded on new instances.
_Latency compensation for daws that don’t compensate ppq.(smps or ms).
_Freeze and bounce buffer content to wav with direct drag and drop to daw.
_Analyse  Peaks, segment ms / samples durations, Hz frequency and cycle Note name.
_Ability to auto scale to max peak.
_Ability to roll buffer start.
_Ability to invert phase of each layer.
_Continuous scroll mode.
_Custom user Db reference lines.
_Custom user Time reference lines.
_Beat sync  or free Hz/note mode.
_Auto acquire daw tracks names and colors (vst3).
_FFT enhance Bass mode and curves smoothing.
_Capture Image function / save as .png
_Auto Sync Hz mode from FFT or midi in.
_Zoomable meters / Dynamic range

  Current Build:

Available as VST 2.4 and VST3 – 64bits – dll  for Windows

Public demo:

Demo Limitations:  

  • Stops after 10 minutes

Full Version:

Full version without limitations requires a license that can be purchased at  Gumroad Inc website linked here.

Users Area:

Login to your user account to retrieve latest installer and license files.

System Recommendations:

  • modern i5-i7-i9 or AMD Ryzen cpu
  • 8Gb ram with at least 256 mb free
  • 10 mb free hard drive space.
  • 64 bits VST host
  • Windows 7-11
  • 32-4096 samples asio buffer size
  • 1280×720 min screen resolution with opengl
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