Psylab intro

Psylab is a vsti plugin and standalone app dedicaced to kick bass designs based on unique advanced  true cubic bezier curves system.

It was initially especially designed for personal psytrance kick and bass design applications, but  can do much more now and fit any electronic genre.

I was tired of loosing time having to launch 1 plugin for kick, 1 for bass, 1 for scope, 1 for sidechain, then  to sync all the stuff edits and constantly tab between windows. Psylab allows to centralize it all seamlessly, easy test different kicks with different basses, easy merge it all in projects, easy A-B compare while tweaking sound designs to get best results, and 1 clic ‘save it all’ to re-usable user programs.

Psylab offers up to 16x independant, sample accurate, hi rez true cubic beziers curves that can control many things like amp, pitch, phase, distortion, filter, morph, wavtables position, lfos or even oscillator shapes and more.. for deep and precise control of wave
characteristics over time.

Its NOT a traditional poly synth. It can’t do some stuff as nicely as some other synths do, ie especially pads, hypersaws or polyphonic hi freq melodies stuff, as this wasn’t its initial design goal and many synths do that task pretty well already, but it can on the other hand go way deeper in areas like kick bass / one shots, and others precise timing designs via different and unique set of tools.

audio demo of other sound types presets wip

no sound beta teaser