PsyPhaZ Pro is a versatile multi-tool audio vst3 plugin that combines several modules:
Scope, Sidechain / broadband or multiband lfo/ducker, Spectral Engine, Advanced Phase and Magnitude manipulation, Per Frequency Corrolometer, Dynamics and Wavshaper custom bezier shaping.. paired with  powerfull matrix and State switcher modules.

Per frequency corrolometer with custom mono areas
Advanced per freq FIR phase rotator and IIR shifter
Custom direct dynamics shaping via bezier curve
Custom response EQ/Filter design and band ducking

When designing for ex kick/bass/sub, i found myself personnally often using several same plugins set:
ie a scope to check phase/peaks/interact,  an lfo/sidechain compressor,  phase manipulation,  eq,  band ducker, some stereo shaping / mono compatibility check, compression and dist/wavshaping. Psyphaz was build around the idea to kinda allow to centralize it all in one plugin, going deeper in some areas with some  novel/different take, with precise/modular cubic bezier curves / going deep if needed while keeping  a  fast workflow for testing/switching different settings and quicky get/shape the best of input

 Spectral engine: custom frequency response

 Tutorial / tour explaining modules

* Scopes:
See current and sidechain signals, daw synced, with zoom n scroll.
Can show summing of preview of both.
Ideal for ex for phase, correlation  n peaks inspecting.
Shows L/R/M/S or LR – MS.  Wavforms, Synced Spectrogram, Frequency analyser.

* Spectral Engine:
Hi-quality internal converter from time domain to frequency domain and vice-versa
STFT (short time fourrier transform) from 1 to 16k with up to 512x windows overlaps.
that then allows the use of  3 sub phase/freq/corrolometer manipulation modules:

* Phase Engine:
Linear phase FIR arbitrary phase roll broadband and /or per frequency using bezier curve.
IIR phase shifter consiting of up to 32 stacked all pass filters for coloring.
in classic with resonance or TPT topology preserve transform flavours.
Real time octaver to bring octave up.

* Freq Engine:
Full custom bezier curve Equing/Filtering.
Custom filter response shape design via bezier curve with cutoff control.
3x bands linear phase splits than can be modulated/ducked.
Perfect clean and transparent reconstruct of the non-ducked signal unlike most classic crossovers designs.

* Corrolometer Engine:
Shows phase correlation per Frequency either L vs R or sidechain vs main.
Sculpt mono/stereo parts via bezier curve on the spectrum.
Haas stereo enhancer, M/S and L/R balances settings.

* Dynamics module:
directly re-shape dynamic curve via bezier.
allowing all possible up/downward compression/expansion/gate/clip in a fully custom way.

* Shaper module:
directly re-shape wavform via bezier.
Allows full custom clipping/distorsion/wavshaping.
Up to 16x optional oversampling.

* Matrix:
4x modulators incuding 2x cubic bezier lfos, 1x gesture recorder and 1x env follower.
than can be mapped do many destinations via powerful matrix.

* Switcher:
When happy with state, can store the whole patch state to 12x sub presets than can be recalled.
Can be remoted via input midi notes.

* Audio Sidechain and Midi inputs:
2x Midi inputs that can be used to retrig lfos and/or switch patterns.
1x Audio Sidechain input with Envelope Follower than can be mapped in matrix
Transient detector that can be used to retrig lfos with optional pre-filter add lookhead.

  Current Build:

Available as VST3 – 64bits  for Windows

Public demo:

Demo Limitations:  

  • Doesn’t save presets or state to daw

Full Version:

Full version without limitations requires a license that can be purchased at  Gumroad Inc website linked here.

Users Area:

Login to your user account to retrieve latest installer and license files.

System Recommendations:

  • modern i5-i7-i9 or AMD Ryzen cpu
  • 8Gb ram with at least 256 mb free
  • 10 mb free hard drive space.
  • 64 bits VST host
  • Windows 7-11
  • 32-4096 samples asio buffer size
  • 1280×720 min screen resolution with opengl
VST PlugIn Interface Technology by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.