Psylab changelog

Build 2578 06/05/2020  *2nd public BETA

_fixed: vst: ui could occasionally fail/crash to re-open if closed on a different tab than curve editor.
_fixed: vst: ui would not correctly repaint seq if closing/re-opening on sequencer tab.
_fixed: sound name would not always repaint when loading a .snp preset.
_fixed: .snp presets sound names were not always corresponding/meaningfull in lead and fx folders.
_fixed: seq: pressing + to shift notes up could make note  go to 128 limit rather than 127 midi limit.
_fixed: standalone: issue wich could make internal seq occasionally miss triggers at specific tempis.
_changed: legato mode is not working as expected, causing occasional notes miss and has been temp removed by waiting its fully debugged.
_improved: undo slots have been extended from 10 to 20.
_improved: seq: ‘important’ steps visually more contrasted/hilighthed ie 16-8-4 or 12-6-3.
_improved: seq: sequencer is no longer completely darken when disabled so can still edit notes when off.
_improved: if exporting midi or wav file, user chosen folder will be remembered and re-used on next calls.
_improved: cv editor: slightly more contrasted/saturated elements, ie curves, mouse datas, seg names..
_improved: when exporting oscilloscope content, will export accordingly to oscilloscope mode.
if sound mode : export only currently selected sound;
if note mode: export currently selected sound last note content.
else export alls sounds master suming;
(so globally export what is currently seen in the oscilloscope display ‘what you see is what ya get’).
_changed: « ignore note off » parameter renamed to « ignore note end » + on/off to make it less confusing and see state.
_changed: simplified options: show transport, show keyboard key and cv transport options are always on by default
but their state is stored in xml and can still be eventually edited.
_changed: reduced default fps mode to fast rather than ultra for leaving more room to daw repaint
in potentially slower configurations/setups by defaut. can be adjusted.
_changed: right clic on sound header no more display slow to navigate tree with boring popup^^
but a much faster and efficient preset list like the context one.
_improved: demo version: splash screen shows a remainder that state won’t be saved on exit on demo version.
_improved: full version: license file can now also be directly drag and dropped to the plugin.
_changed: all psy basses .snp have been resaved with sidechain comp/midi off by default cause depends of
sound load position and sidechain source configuration and could be misleading.
_in_testing: opengl use hardware accelleration option in preferences.